Fitspo? My health and weight loss journey.


Good afternoon Beautiful People! (It’s 12:43 pm where I’m at.)

There are a couple of things that I want to do with this blog once I get my theme and pages worked out with one of them being to track my health and weight loss with weigh-ins and photos, but I will be posting recipes and different workouts that I do as well for anyone that is interested. I want to do that just because when it comes to losing weight, it really is something that you have to do for yourself but with that being said it’s nice to know that someone is in it with you and to be able to see what other people are doing so that you can get ideas for yourself as well. Therefore I will try to post weekly about different things that I’m eating and exercises that I do both at home and at the gym.

A little background:

My weight has fluctuated my entire life with me being chubbier at some points and leaner at others. Before I started middle school I was on the rounder side, but my new school was in walking distance from my house so walking back and forth every single day caused me to lose a lot of weight. When I got into high school I was still a decent size at 5’2 and around 120 pounds and my weight pretty much stayed constant due to being a member of the varsity dance team because we worked out on a regular basis. Here are some pics for reference:

*These were all taken during my senior year. Top right is me in a typical 2012 “tongue out, bathroom mirror” pic. Top left is my sister and I (she would probably kill me if she knew I put that up. The bottom is a few of my friends and me in one of our dance outfits.

Fast forward to my freshman year of college: I was gaining weight quickly. Marquette gives its students an unlimited meal plan so you can pretty much eat anytime you want. Not to mention there were always events going on with free food and fast food within a 30 second walk from the door of my dorm. I was eating all the time. I was eating when I was studying, when I was bored, whenever there happened to be food near, etc. Eating became such a social event as well so that didn’t help my situation. Needless to say the pounds started to add up. So in case anyone was wondering the answer is yes – the “freshman 15” can be VERY real if you don’t monitor what you’re eating and if you don’t stay active in addition to the everyday stresses of being a freshman. And in case anyone isn’t familiar with the “freshman 15,” it simply means that on average students gain 15 pounds over the course of their first year in college. Here is a link to an article describing it and how to combat it and here’s pics from my freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years:


Freshman year (far right)


Sophomore year (far left)


Sophomore year (far left)


Junior year


Summer before senior year


Senior year


Aside from being a student, my college experience was really rough starting my junior year due to various personal issues I had going on especially one in particular that I may one day make a post about. All of these things took a toll on my health and I was eating for comfort eventually and by the end of my senior year I was around 185 which stayed constant through the summer. This pic is from August 2016:


Then I went through a break up, the holidays rolled around and I shot up to 207 lbs.

When I stepped on the scale and saw that not only had I hit the 200 mark but that I had surpassed it, I knew something needed to change. I was shocked that I had allowed it to get to that point but more than that I was motivated. I knew that the lifestyle I was living was beyond unhealthy and that nothing was going to change until I did. So right before the new year started to change my habits. I began to eat less and I only ate until I was satisfied. I started to drink a lot more water as well. In addition I ate more of a plant-based diet. I was incorporating more fruits and vegetables and for around five days I had completely cut out meat and dairy. During this time which started at the end of December and went to the middle of January I lost a total of 17 lbs!

This brings us to present day. After I lost the 17 lbs I kept up with my healthy eating for a few more days, and then I began to get lazy as a ton of social events started to pop up at one time. Since then I have gained 6 lbs back, but I’m more motivated than ever to drop that weight and then some. Starting February 5th which is this coming Sunday, I will be blogging about my work outs, my food and my different mantras and routines that I have to keep me going. I will be posting a calendar with my goal weights at different intervals and the rewards for myself when I hit those marks. So stay tuned. I can’t wait to get to work because I love to challenge myself and I want to share this with anyone else that may be struggling to shed some pounds themselves.

Until next time!

xoxo – jas.

Song of the Day: Distraction – Kehlani

Quote of the Day: “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – J.P. Morgan



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